Mother of man killed in swatting incident speaks at city council meeting

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Lisa Finch is speaking out after the Sedgwick County DA said no charges would be filed against the police officer who shot and killed her son, Andrew Finch.

She addressed city council members and spoke about the toll she says the fatal swatting incident has taken on her family. 

Finch said those who criticize her should have more compassion. 

"Try to imagine if it were your child and do not for one minute think that there's no way it could happen to your family. It is a reality. It could happen to you."

Each speaker at the meeting is given five minutes to talk. Finch went over the limit, and it led to an exchange with Mayor Jeff Longwell. 

"Lisa, Lisa, can you wrap it up right quick? You've gone over five minutes," said Longwell. 

"My time has been taken from me, sir. I have no time, no leisure time, no time to enjoy anything. This is my time," she replied. 

The mayor did say that Finch could come to his office to talk more, but after 10 more minutes of her talking, he ordered that her microphone be turned off.

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