WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Museum of World Treasures will be temporarily shutting down from Monday, Jan. 2, through Friday, Jan. 13, for maintenance following a fire in a nearby building.

According to the museum, last May, a fire broke out in a building to the southwest of the museum. As a result, the museum took in a significant amount of smoke during the fire but sustained almost no fire damage.

“Thanks to our partners at the City of Wichita, Museum of World Treasures is housed in the historical 109-year-old Johnson-Frazier building, which was incidentally built to be fireproof. We have thanked our lucky stars many times for that coincidence,” said Mike Noller, the president and CEO of the museum. “The Museum and the City of Wichita are committed to ensuring no lingering soot particles remain that could potentially damage the building or the fragile historical artifacts we are tasked to protect. Completing this restoration during January’s low traffic season minimizes the impact on the Wichita community.”

The museum plans to reopen to the public on Saturday, Jan. 14.