WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The U.S. National Weather Service of Goodland, Kan., has shared some tips on animal winter safety.

Keep Pets Warm

The NWS says your pets want to be warm too!

“Bring them inside when temperatures drop,” the NWS says. “If pets cannot come indoors, make sure they have a dry, draft-free enclosure.”

The NWS says to check water bowls to ensure that water is fresh and unfrozen.

Protect Your Pets

Salt and other chemicals used to melt ice can irritate a pet’s paws, according to the NWS.

“Wipe paws with a damp towel before the pet licks them,” says the NWS.

The NWS also recommends storing antifreeze, a deadly poison, out of reach and to clean up any spills.

On The Farm

The NWS says to move any farm animals to sheltered areas.

“Shelter belts, when properly laid out and oriented, can be better protection for cattle than confining shelters such as sheds,” the NWS says.

The NWS also says to be sure to have water available, as animals frequently die from dehydration in winter storms.