Wichita continues to get ready for the NCAA Tournament. And now the stage, where the games will be played, has been set, literally.

Crews have been working hard to get Intrust Bank Arena place ready for thousands of college basketball fans.

But the level of excitement to host part of the tournament makes all the hard work easy.

It takes 225 moving pieces to create an NCAA basketball court.

“A lot of moving pieces that have to work together to make everything happen the way it’s supposed to,” said Andrew Ledford, Connor Sports floor tech.

Crews spent several hours nailing and moving the portable basketball court together. But those working said the hard work pays off.

“There’s definitely a sense of pride when the arena fills up and everybody’s cheering knowing that we were a part of making everything happen for this event,” said Ledford.

People have also been arranging rooms for teams, trainers, and food at the arena this weekend for the big games, and shutting down what’s left of last week’s events.

“We’ve had a really busy week leading up to this, but we’re finally here in full NCAA preparation mode,” said Christine Pileckas, Intrust Bank Arena director of marketing.

Pileckas says for special projects like the court, they hire outside people to help get the job done. She says everyone is working hard to make Wichita look it’s best in the national spotlight.

“Everybody is very anxious for Selection Sunday to find out who is coming here and very eager to get it right and put our best foot forward and really impress the NCAA when they get here,” said Pileckas.

They hope to have the arena ready by Monday so on Tuesday, NCAA can do their walk through before the big games.