WICHITA, Kansas – Sedgwick County has released the probable cause affidavit against Curtis Mitchell, the man who has admitted to killing Tanya Tandoc.RELATED | Curtis Mitchell arrest affidavit

In it, police outline the details that led to Mitchell’s arrest.

According to the document, when officers went to Tanya’s home where Mitchell had been staying, he told them that “several days prior he and Tanya had been in an argument and Tanya had slapped Mr. Mitchell.”

Tandoc had also told Mitchell to “make plans to move out of her residence.”

On June 3rd, Mitchell told police that he was standing in the dining room with Tanya and was thinking about the slap, their previous romance, and being told to leave.

The probable cause affidavit said, “Without provocation from Tanya, he would punch her in the head knocking her to the ground.”

Mitchell then admitted to “choking Tanya for several minutes to make sure she was dead.”

Mitchell’s sentencing is scheduled for July 23rd.

He will likely face life in prison with the possibility of parole only after 50-years behind bars.