WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Some international students in Kansas say they’re worried about getting deported after immigration rules were changed. KSN News spoke with an immigration attorney this afternoon to see what some steps students can take to make sure they’re not affected by this new regulation.

Gregory Beuke says students need to reach out to their international advisors at their universities immediately. The attorney says it’s best to make sure you can sign up for hybrid classes. For example, Wichita State University is planning a hybrid process, which should protect those international students. But if a specific school decides to go online this fall semester, students do have the option to consider transferring to another university.

But they would need to move quickly because the enrollment process for staring in the fall there is deadlines so they really need to be proactive and contacting their international offices and looking for another school to transfer to if they will be necessary for them,” said Beuke.

Those students who could be affected by this change are those with a student “F-1” visas for universities, high schools, or other academic institutions and “M-1” visas those are for vocational or non-academic institutions.