WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Shortages and high prices are no secret. After formula and children’s Tylenol shortages, parents have been hit hard.

That’s why one local woman started a nonprofit where families can come to get whatever they need, all for free.

One of the parents who has benefited from this organization already says it was a godsend and a blessing.

Angel Youngblood said 2022 was one of the most challenging years for her family.

There to pick her up when she was down was founder Heather Kohl of Sparks of Hope ICT.

“There were different things here and there that we needed, and she was able to reach out to her connections and find things for us,” Youngblood said.

It all started about six months ago.

“We’ve all had a little help in our lives,” Kohl said. “I needed a lot of it when I was younger.”

When Kohl was a new mom, she says she didn’t have a lot, not even a driver’s license.

“You couldn’t go anywhere and get anything without filling paperwork, without telling them your story,” Kohl said.

What really sealed the deal to start Sparks of Hope ICT was when Kohl met a family from overseas who came to America with next to nothing and a baby to support.

That’s why she wanted to start an organization accessible to everyone regardless of what the families have or don’t have.

“There’s no application, there’s no requirements,” Kohl said. “If you need it, I have it, you can have it.”

Youngblood says her favorite thing about Sparks of Hope ICT is how accessible it is to anyone at any time.

“Just being basically a text message away, private message away, takes away the overall uncomfortable feeling that you get,” Youngblood said.

If you are a mother or know a baby in need, reach out to Sparks of Hope, ICT on Facebook.