WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The new stadium in Wichita is taking shape, but what will the final design look like?

“It is exciting,” says Lou Schwechheimer, Wichita Baseball 2020 Team Owner. “It is happening every day.”

What’s happening Wednesday is work on the upper deck.

“The foundations are being laid and poured and all the sudden the steel shows up and you go vertical fast,” Schwechheimer adds.

Down below, near the field, crews are pouring the concrete for where fans will watch the games.

A large rectangle foundation in the outfield is the future spot for the scoreboard. It’s starting to look like a ball park. Schwechheimer says we should know what the final design will look like in a few weeks.

“A design-build process is an ongoing project. It is time consuming, but it is also an expedited process. As we sit here today walking through the building, we are doing the final design on the administration building,” he says.

While crews continue to dig up the dirt and replace it with a field, the team is eager to put on a show for Wichita.

“I am telling you this city will be really proud of this stadium.”

KSN spoke with Schwechheimer and a city official close to the design process and both say the design should be done in a matter of weeks.