WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – An organization believes it has one solution to bringing talent to Wichita.

The Greater Wichita Partnership recently launched choosewichita.com. It’s a new talent recruitment website that includes information that someone looking to live and work in Wichita would want to know — such as housing, career opportunities, transportation, etc.

“We’ve created a brand of Wichita to attract and retain talent in our community,” said talent consultant Leah Sakr Lavender. “Talent is how the community will grow.

The website was a collaborative effort between Greater Wichita, consultants and local companies.

“Some companies look to us for help in selling Wichita to future employees,” Lavender said.

The organization’s talent department focuses on developing a growing economy — attracting talent and creating jobs are two important factors.

“While employers have those amazing opportunities for talent, if they can’t fill them with people, then they can’t obviously develop and grow their companies and vice-versa,” said Lavender.

The website development cost $65,000, and funding came from several local investors.

Another program created through Choose Wichita is “Wichita Insiders.”

It’s a group of Wichitans, who volunteer their time to talk to potential talent and answer questions about Wichita.

“Research shows if people don’t have the opportunity to experience a city first-hand, they’ll turn to social media or talk to someone,” Lavender shared.

When looking to move to a new city, some questions include:

  • Where are the best neighborhoods to live in?
  • Can I use public transportation?
  • What parks are nearby?

However, there are some questions future employees might not feel comfortable asking their future employer.

“Where is the best place to have a beer after work?,” said Lavender.

There are currently four Wichita Insiders, who can answer questions about various topics including:

  • Being bi-cultural
  • Craft beer
  • Networking for young professionals
  • Men’s clothing and tailoring

Wichita Insiders is a chance for community members to “be authentic” about what the city is like.

Although the program is new, Wichita Insiders have already been talking to talent.

“We have heard some really great feedback from employers to begin with because they’re very excited that there is opportunity for candidates to ask those sorts of questions,” said Lavender.

Greater Wichita has received national recognition for Choose Wichita and Wichita Insiders, as ways to recruit and retain talent.

If you are interested in becoming an Insider, visit choosewichita.com/wichita-insiders.