WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — This week in Topeka, the Kansas Board of Regents talked about the need for more healthcare workers in certain fields. This is on the heels of Newman University announcing this week it will fast-track specific students in undergraduate programs to get them into medical school sooner.

“There are universities and many working now to get more students into the pipeline,” said Cindy Samuelson, senior vice president of the Kansas Hospital Association. “The biggest resource you need to be able to provide healthcare to your community are people.”

While Samuelson points to the need for more healthcare workers, she says efforts are on the way to get younger people interested in medical fields.

“In April, we’re going to do a virtual healthcare career fair,” said Samuelson. “So it’s going to go across the state, and schools across the state will participate.”

Samuelson says there are needs in rural areas to help recruit medical care professionals, from doctors and nurses to healthcare imaging to other areas.

“Like working in the pharmacy, like a pharmacy technician,” said Samuelson, “Is one of those high-demand positions. And, also, physical therapists.”

Samuelson says there’s a lot of work to be done to staff hospitals in both rural and metro areas, but the efforts are on the way.

“Creative approaches to get more people into healthcare careers,” said Samuelson. “So it may not be a crisis in all areas, but every single hospital I have talked to they are working to have a strong and robust quality workforce to provide care to their community.”