LYONS, Kan. (KSNW) — What happened out of Dodge City Monday is being felt by many law enforcement agencies, departments and officers across the state. That includes Lyons Police Department Sgt. Cory Ryan.

Sgt. Ryan was shot in October 2020 during an active standoff situation in Lyons.

“It’s a pretty, pretty scary situation to be, for anybody to be in,” Sgt. Ryan said.

Sgt. Ryan says it’s a day-by-day process coping with the memories of a day that almost left him dead.

“I got a bullet stuck in the back of my neck, then I was shot once under the arm, or twice under the arm, and three times in the middle of my vest,” Sgt. Ryan said. “It happened on a Friday, and didn’t remember anything until, I didn’t wake up until Sunday.”

Sgt. Ryan says while incidents which leave multiple officers wounded are rare, what happened in Dodge City is a stark reminder that officer-involved shootings can happen anytime and anywhere.

“You don’t know what to, what to expect until it happens,” Sgt. Ryan said. “When officers are shot, you really feel that family presence all the way around you. Everybody is supporting you.”

Sgt. Ryan is encouraging folks who wish to help the deputies to also consider supporting their families and the law enforcement community as a whole.

“Support the officer and their family, but also support the law enforcement community that’s around that,” Sgt. Ryan said. “They work directly with that officer, too, so they’re going to need just as much support as the family is.”

KSN News 3 is working to confirm the identities of the deputies and trooper involved. The KBI says it will not confirm the names of the deputies involved citing privacy concerns.