WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A man who was trimming trees in the back of a home in west Wichita was badly injured when part of a tree fell on him.

It happened shortly before noon in the 7800 block of West Cottontail Lane.

Police do not know if the man was in the tree or on the ground when the accident happened.

“There (were) some pretty heavy tree pieces that came down, either with him or on top of him, during the work that he was doing,” said Sgt. Nichelle Woodrow, Wichita Police Department.

The victim was in serious to critical condition as he was taken to a hospital.

The homeowner told police he hired the man to do some work on the trees. Woodrow does not think the victim works for a tree company.

Police believe some people driving by helped clear the area after the accident.

“There were several individuals that were driving by that knew somebody needed help so that by the time that EMS, fire and police got here, I don’t believe that the street was obstructed at all,” Woodrow said.