One year later: Wichita man reunited with missing wallet


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita man said he is in disbelief after his wallet was returned to him more than a year after it went missing.

“I was in shock, complete shock,” said Josh Hughes.

Hughes was vacationing in Colorado in April of 2018. He said he was on a hiking trip when he lost his 15-year-old wallet.

“It was about sunset, I looked around for my wallet. I was going to go eat and couldn’t find it,” Hughes said. “A lot of things went through my mind though. I have got all my credentials, my FAA and my medical credentials for my flying job and then a bunch of pictures and of course my cards.”

Hughes searched extensively for his wallet, but he had no success.

“I was pretty sad about it. It’s been with me for years and years and it’s kind of morphed into something bigger than a wallet,” he said.

The dad of three eventually made his way home to Wichita empty-handed. He said he had nearly given up hope of ever seeing his wallet again until he got a letter from Canon City police in early May of 2019.

“I read it and I am like, ‘it can’t, it can’t be. It can’t be my wallet,’ so I called and the lady said, ‘yeah, I have a black wallet here,” Hughes explained.

Police said a someone turned Hughes wallet into the department. 

“I just laughed. It was so ironic to me that it has come back into my life,” he said. 

Police mailed Hughes his wallet. He was reunited with it more than a year after he lost it. He said he was even more surprised when he found out whoever turned his wallet in didn’t take anything from it.

“That’s the one thing I was truly grateful over is that there are still some wonderful, good-hearted people in this world,” Hughes said.

Hughes said he is forever grateful.

“I have no clue who they were, but form the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful. It meant a lot to me,” he said. 

Hughes has since found a new wallet. He said he plans to put his old one in some sort of display.

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