Tomorrow is a big day for Operation Holiday, an assistance program through Inter-Faith Ministries.

Volunteers spent the past two months preparing for distribution days — when thousands of Wichitans receive a helping hand during the holiday season.

Boxes of cereal, warm winter coats, toys for the kiddos and bars of soap — these items and more go to someone in need.

It’s a way to spread joy– just ask the volunteers, they all agree.

“To be able to spread that joy and see that joy in their faces is extremely rewarding,” said Tom Sanders, Operation Holiday volunteer.

Early mornings and really late nights were dedicated in order to prepare for the heartwarming sight.

“They come in here. They’re empty-handed and they leave with a grocery cart full of food, with toys, with warm coats, blankets..” said Sanders. 

Thousands of Wichitans are expected to come through. Getting help from a smiling, friendly crew.

“As human beings, we are happiest when we give,” said Sanders. 

The holidays can be an expensive time for many, but because of Operation Holiday…they can experience what some take for granted, without spending a penny.

“You have this feeling inside that you’re really really helping them out,” added Sanders.

And to the Wichita community, you’ve given thousands a reason to celebrate and enjoy this holiday season.

Operation Holiday is still accepting donations. The items most needed include canned food, children’s coats and blankets.

Donations can be dropped off at the distribution center, which is the old Sears inside Towne West.

Coats can go to any In the Bag Cleaners location.