WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita Southeast High School is over capacity, and the district is looking at moving students to a different school and possibly changing boundary lines.

Parents who would be impacted by this proposed boundary change had a chance to share their concerns and ideas at a listening session on Wednesday night.

Parents listening in on Wichita South East High School capacity session (KSN Photo)

The district wanted feedback on two changes, one giving students the chance to transfer from Southeast to Heights or Magnet come Jan. 2023. The other option would be to change boundary lines in Fall 2023.

“I know he would be very devastated if he had to move right now,” said USD 259 Parent Jessica Gray.

Gray is one of the many parents who attended Wednesday night’s listening session.

She said her son is a junior at Southeast and said transferring would take away from the work he’s done, such as joining clubs and getting comfortable with his teachers.

“Emotionally and socially, I just think that would hinder him a lot, so I would just rather he stay where he is at,” said Gray.

Wichita Public Schools has already gotten feedback from students and staff on what they hope to see done with the overcrowding issue.

The district said the overcrowding is affecting everything from lunch, transportation, and the need for more staff.

“Changing boundaries won’t necessarily change issues, and so for me, the concern is really going to be about class size,” said USD 259 Parent Todd Lewis.

Lewis has two students who will eventually attend Southeast.

He wanted to learn more about the decision-making process and give his input about the possible boundary changes.

“We’ve got an administration that wants to hear parent feedback, and I would encourage parents to get involved,” said Lewis.

If the boundary changes do happen, it would impact over 200 students.

“They have to think about the kids in the long run because that is who it is going to affect,” said Gray.

The next step is there is one more listening session for parents invited on Thursday at 6 p.m. at Adams Elementary School, 1002 N. Oliver Ave.

Once all of the feedback is collected, a recommendation will be presented to the school board on Nov. 7.