WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The next time you park at Century II, you can leave your quarters at home. The parking lot is going to a digital payment system. Instead of feeding quarters into a meter, you will pay through a mobile app.

ASM Global manages Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center. ASM Global says Century II is partnering with ParkMobile, which is already used in some other Kansas towns. The ParkMobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices and can be accessed on a mobile web browser.

“I feel like moving into the digital age this will advance us forward and not having to pay the meter, feed the meter,” said Emily Larkin, marketing manager for Century II with ASM. “There is a great amount of additional parking throughout downtown.”

Larkin says handicapped-accessible parking will remain free.

$5 daily parking, no matter the length of stay

(Courtesy ParkMobile and Century II)

Starting on Monday, March 13, a person who parks at Century II will need to use the mobile or web app, enter the lot’s zone number or scan the QR code posted on signs around the parking spot, input their license plate number, add payment information, and touch the “Start Parking” button to begin the session.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can call 877-727-5973.

Some at a district advisory board on Monday night said the $5 for all day is fine. But some say $5 may be too much for a short visit.

(Courtesy Century II)

“It’s going to be five bucks which I don’t think is unreasonable if I’m going to be there for an all-day event,” said Delano resident Vincent Hancock. “But if I’m just going to be there for five minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, it seems a bit on the high side.”

Hancock is asking city council members if they could look into a hybrid system for meters that can be paid on your phone or with coins.

Parking will cost $5 for everyday parking, but event parking will fluctuate on a per-event basis.

KSN News asked what the cost is for shorter time periods. The ASM Global spokesperson said $5 is a flat daily fee for any amount of time.

The ParkMobile system is for the parking lots east of Century II and south of the former library.

When we asked what people can do if they do not carry a phone, the spokesperson said that they can use other parking lots around Century II, just not the closest lots.

Century II’s General Manager Chris Whitney says the new system will be better for visitors because they won’t need to return to the parking lot to feed the meter.

“By integrating ParkMobile’s digital parking payment system, our guests can now park at our events in a more seamless and efficient manner,” Whitney said in a news release. “Visitors will use ParkMobile for daily and event parking, creating a contactless parking experience.”

ParkMobile says it has 45 million users across North America.

“Our zone parking capability was our first feature and continues to be the most popular one we offer,” David Hoyt, ParkMobile chief revenue officer, said. “We provide multiple ways for users to pay for their parking session directly through their phone. We’re excited to introduce Century II to our platform.”

Century II has partnered with The Car Park for daily enforcement. The Car Park will handle violations directly.