WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – PBS Kansas hosted an open house on Saturday for local families to show off the station’s new building in northeast Wichita. The station is located at 8710 E. 32nd Street North.

The new building is quite a change from the station’s previous location. It has four times the space. The extra room allows space for a Children’s Education and Discovery Center that focuses on science and technology.

“For a long time now, we haven’t had an educational department. We had one, but it went away because we couldn’t afford it. Now, it’s back in our new building but at a higher level. No other public TV station in the country that I’m aware of has a Children’s Educational Discovery Center as part of their education services,” Victor Hogstrom, president and CEO of PBS Kansas, said.

PBS Kansas was at its previous location near 21st and Waco for more than 40 years.