WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Exciting news for the local public television station, PBS Kansas. After years of broadcasting from its 21st and Waco location in north Wichita, it is now getting a much-needed upgrade. This Friday, PBS Kansas will close on a new building that will be utilized as its new broadcasting station.

“I think where we are moving to gives us a much better image, and it will do wonders for the community because we are providing some wonderful programming,” said Victor Hogstrom, President and CEO of PBS Kansas.

PBS Kansas has been broadcasting from its current location for over 40 years, according to Hogstrom. They will move from an 8,000 square foot facility to a 31,000 square foot building at a $3 million price tag.

“In this building, we have some special features the people of Wichita will be proud to know of,” said Hogstrom. “We will have an education and discovery center. Wow, that is big! There’s no other public TV station, that I know of, in America, with a service to the community like that one.”

Hogstrom says PBS Kansas was able to make the move due to money from multiple donors.

“These people decided it’s time to move,” said Hogstrom. “I met with a donor about two days ago, and I was trying to explain to her (the donor) what the benefits of moving would be — she said, ‘I just want you out of that building’ that’s what she said.”

The new station will include two studios, a prop room, multiple conference rooms, a gym, a directors room, donated furniture, and ‘all of the things you will need at a television station’– some of which will need to be assembled/or built. Hogstrom says the improvements will take two months to complete.

“It seems like this building was designed for TV,” said Hogstrom. “Wichita your public TV station has a super deal, and I hope you will enjoy and appreciate this.”

Hogstrom says a lot of the equipment used in the old studio will be moved and used in the new station. He says the FAA approved the construction of a microwave tower near their new facility.

“It will send our signal to Park City and then to Hutchinson and then into the homes,” he said. ” We are still looking at the cost of moving our current satellite dish over, or whether we should get a new one.”

The PBS team hopes to move into the new facility early next year.