WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita Public Schools (WPS) has confirmed that pepper spray was used on students at Southeast High School Wednesday.

Principal Ben Mitchell sent a note to parents saying, “We had to use pepper spray to disperse an unruly crowd of students.”

Susan Arensman, WPS news and media relations manager, said it happened inside during the lunch period.

“No students were directly sprayed,” she said. “It was used in the area to disperse the crowd.”

She said there were no serious injuries and no students had to be hospitalized. The parents of the students involved were contacted immediately.

Arensman did not know what prompted the unruly behavior or how many students were involved.

“When situations get where we cannot get students to comply, and the learning environment is deemed unsafe, we may have to resort to these measures,” Mitchell said.

Arensman said the school resource officer and staff handled the situation. No one was arrested.

When KSN News asked her if the students involved were sent home, she said they “aren’t in school.”

We also asked if the incident prompted any changes to how the school handles the lunch period.

“There is increased adult supervision, but there were several adults involved to disperse the fight,” Arensman said.