WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — With the recent rain, many are now seeing an uptick in neighborhood insects.

Experts KSN News spoke with say they always see an increase in customers when Wichita receives a lot of rain paired we a quick leap into hot temperatures.

Crews with Patton Termite and Pest Control are busy trying to keep bugs out of homes.

“It’s been a very cool spring,” explained Gerry Marsh, Patton Termite and Pest Control’s president. “And then, it just went up in temperature really quickly, so we just saw this kind of an explosion in insect activity all of a sudden.”

Wichita Pest Control LLC owner Scott Shea says he’s been surprised by the number of wasps and clover mites he’s seen in early June.

“There’s no explanation. I’ve talked to everybody about it, lawn care people, pest control people, and no one can understand why we have so many this year when we don’t normally,” Shea said. “Just like last year when we had a ton of armyworms but didn’t the years before.”

Another problem is spiders, especially the venomous brown recluse.

“They’re one of the few spiders that can withstand the heat of an attic, but when it gets that hot, they get driven down into the living spaces,” Marsh added. “Every house has a few Brown Recluses, but you certainly want to make sure. If you’re seeing them out during the day roaming up and down the hall, that could be a big warning sign that there could be an issue.”

Both Marsh and Shea say another problem for businesses isn’t insect-related. Inflation has also taken its toll.

“I saw where gas went this morning,” Shea explained. “And I hope I don’t have to keep raising my prices because I want to try to keep pest control affordable for everybody.”