WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Second Chance Thursday is an opportunity for those with outstanding traffic warrants to clear them and avoid arrest.

However, Wichita police say a local bail bond company is spreading false information in order to lure people to arrest them. The department posted to Facebook to remind the public that Second Chance Thursdays are for traffic warrants only, not for domestic violence or other criminal warrants.

Second Chance Thursday: This event takes place on Sept. 15 at the Old Downtown Public Library, 223 S. Main. Free parking is availble.

Police say prior to their last event, a local bail bond company attempted to lure people with criminal warrants out so they could arrest them by calling and telling them they could clear their warrant if they attended Second Chance Thursday. The department says they are not cooperating with any bail bond companies.

If you received a call from a bail bond company providing false information, police ask you to contact the Second Chance program by email at lkimrey@wichita.gov.