WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A former radio DJ in Wichita Is speaking out and alleging inappropriate behavior by his former supervisor Greg “The Hitman” Williams.

Johnny Starks, known as DJ Koolout on 93.5 Radio, said he believed that Williams, who was his supervisor, was pleased with his show and happy about ratings. But a little over a week ago, he said everything changed.

Starks came to Wichita about six months ago to continue his radio career. He said he looked at his supervisor Williams as a mentor.

“I was excited. I was like, ‘OK, I can learn some stuff here. This can help me toward my goals of doing a syndicated show.’ You know, I’d grow and with the company Audacy,” said Starks. Audacy is the company that owns 93.5 Radio.

Starks said all that changed a little over a week ago when he alleges he was the victim of sexual battery after Williams followed him into the bathroom at work.

“He’s standing there, and he’s close to me. His other hand is undoing his pants. Now, his hand is on me. He’s close, and I see the other hand, and I can hear him undoing his pants in front of me,” said Starks.

Starks said he raced out of the bathroom and went home. The next day when he came to work, he said he intended to tell someone about what happened but claims he was fired before he could. Stark said he was told he was fired for using a company logo for a flier for a party he hosted soon after he moved to Wichita. However, he said the logo was never on any flier. Stark also said they claimed he wasn’t a good fit for Wichita.

“And I am like, ‘You just told me yesterday that I was doing good, it sounds great, everything is wonderful, no problem, keep doing what you’re doing,'” said Starks.

Starks said he has since filed a police report and did notify Audacy about what he says happened.

An Audacy spokesperson released this statement: “We’ve recently become aware of certain allegations made by a former employee against Greg Williams. We take these issues seriously and will investigate them fully. While we investigate, we have no further comment.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that Williams is not currently on the air in Wichita.

We also reached out to Greg Williams for an interview but did not hear back. On his Facebook page, he shared this statement: “The allegations being spread on social media by a former employee can never be proven because they are not true. I will share more at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.”

Wichita police do have a report on this case but have not spoken to any details of their investigation.