OTTAWA, Kan. (KSNT) — A ‘possible plea’ date has been set in the case for Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel, who appeared in a virtual court hearing on Monday morning in Franklin District Court.

The Franklin County Sheriff`s Office arrested Samsel for a misdemeanor battery involving a student in the Wellsville School District earlier this year. Samsel was working as a substitute teacher at the time.

“I think we could get a plea sensing date. There’s just a few things we’re ironing out. But, I think we’re close,” Samsel’s attorney Chris Scott said.

A September 13 virtual hearing date was set.

This comes after Samsel appeared in court last week, August 16, after being charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery against a high school student in late April.

In the last hearing, Samsel’s attorney Chris Scott offered a proposal to the state with a possible plea offer. Representing the state, Brandon Jones asked the judge for an opportunity to speak with the victims before a decision is made.

Rep. Samsel entered a not guilty plea on May 19.