WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — After two long days on the road, linemen from Pratt, Kansas, are finally in Florida.

The five members from Pratt arrived Friday at midnight. Once they got to their hotel, it was stuck without power, and they spent the night in their trucks.

“About half of (the City was) out of power,” said lineman Jamie Huber.

Dozens of linemen from across the country are in Bartow, Florida, to restore power after Hurricane Ian.

“Basically, replacing power poles that were broken off in the wind. A lot of tree damage here, some roof damage that we’ve seen. I know they had some pretty significant flooding, but most of that’s subsided right now,” he said.

For the next two weeks, the crews will be working from 6 a.m. till dark.

“We’ll work on trying to get the big chunks back on in the next few days and then go back into people’s yards and hit the individual residents if needed,” Huber explained.

He says that the community is thankful, “Man, people love it when we pull in their blocks, and so we’ve had people bring us cases of water and snacks and ‘here put this on your trucks you guys need it,’ and everybody’s, you know, very understanding.”

This isn’t Huber’s first rodeo. Five years ago, he went to Orlando to help with relief from Hurricane Irma.

“You got to help another community. We’ve been in kind of the same thing but just kind of different with ice storms. We’ve called in mutual aid, and cities from all over the state come and help us. So, we just return the favor,” Huber said.

The pratt linemen are expected to be gone for two weeks. If The City of Bartow’s power is restored sooner, they may come home before then.