PARSONS, Kan. (AP) — Authorities are crediting a quick-thinking deputy with saving the life of a woman who was struck by a train in southeastern Kansas on Sunday, Dec. 19.

In a Facebook post, the Labette County sheriff’s office said that Deputy Gabe Vitt was in Parsons when he heard dispatchers tell emergency crews that a pedestrian had been hit by a train around 9:23 p.m.

Vitt was only a couple blocks away from the crossing and arrived in time to apply a makeshift tourniquet to the woman’s partially severed leg. For those who may not know, a tourniquet is a device used to apply pressure to a limb or extremity to limit the flow of blood.

The post said Vitt then consoled the woman until other rescue crews arrived. The post thanked Vitt for keeping the woman “calm and coherent during a life-threatening event.”