PIERCEVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – We’ve heard of driving, biking, and even walking across America, but what about mowing across America? 

The Great Grass Race is a competition made up of six teams of two that partake in a nearly three-month race from Moorpark California to New York, but the catch? They’re racing on lawnmowers.

The nearly 3,000-mile race started July 10 and is expected to conclude in mid-October with a potential prize of nearly $100,000.

The contestants have no gas, food, or money. Their only supplies are a Craftsman T110 mower, a trailer, and their people skills.

Everything they have, has been donated to them from those they meet along the way.

“Everything’s been given to us, it’s all donated by the goodness and the good hearts of America,” said Andrej Sensnovis, Contestant on The Great Grass Race.

Sensnovis is from Kalamazoo, Mich. His partner, John Zack, is from Bloomfield, N.J.

The two men were complete strangers a month ago, but now they’re teammates making up the neon green team.

“Everybody had a box with their name on it and inside the box was your color shirt so you had to match up with somebody,” said John Zack, Contestant on The Great Grass Race.

They say upon meeting, they immediately clicked.

This has helped them while battling through weather conditions, backroads, and breakdowns, all while averaging speeds of only 10 mph.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but as they look toward the finish line their strategy remains the same

“Just keep going leg by leg as we can,” said Zack.

They say the reasoning behind joining the competition was to show that there is still good in the world.

“For me it’s just to see America, to meet some great people and show that there still is love in the country and good hearts and that people are willing to help a stranger out,” said Sensnovis.

For another competitor, Kassie Sisco of Newkirk, Okla., joining the competition was an easy choice.

She makes up half of the dark green team. Her partner is Clinton Brand of Paso Robles Calif.

She says the biggest surprise of the competition has been the challenges thrown at her team as well as the ever-changing rules.

“My biggest struggle has been finding places to stay.”

Since the competition is donation-based, even shelter has to be offered to the teams.

Sisco went on to say how she has made ever-lasting memories and friends along the way.

Monday the teams will be racing to through western Kansas to Dodge City to find the lawman statue. Whoever finds it first, will win the day’s challenge.

The contestants will then be making their way across the rest of the state in the following days.