WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Although these temperatures don’t make it feel like winter is coming, the leaves on the ground are a telltale sign that fall is almost behind us. So many leaves and so little time. 

A group of young women in Valley Center is changing that, one yard at a time. 

Sydney Ellis, Abbey Bybee, and Tessa Woodin have volunteered to rake yards for people in their community free of cost. All they are asking is for you to provide the tools.

“We went to one of our Facebook local pages and did the ad there, and they got approved, and ever since then, we’ve been getting comments,” said Ellis. 

Tessa, Abby, and Sydney have raked two yards so far, but the requests are piling up. 

“We’re getting more and more every day,” added Bybee.

“And then referrals from those people are like oh my family could actually really use this,” continued Woodin. 

They say they are enjoying every minute of it. 

“It’s been really fun to jump in the leaves but also do some service while we’re at it. It’d be pretty awesome if we could just do it like every neighbor just bam bam bam yard after yard,” added Woodin.

Many people are busy this time of year with the holidays around the corner. 

These young ladies said they are happy to help where they can.

“It definitely can make anyone feel better when they’re having a low day, especially during the holidays. It might be a sad time of year for a lot of people,” commented Ellis. 

“It really can bring a smile to their face, which makes me smile as well makes me feel really good,” concluded Bybee.