WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) –  On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the Kansas Constitution protects personal autonomy rights.

Attorneys say that includes the right to an abortion.

Also on Friday, the group Kansans For Life said it will lobby lawmakers in Kansas.

“We are not going to allow this outrageous ruling to go unchallenged,” said Mary Wilkinson, President of Kansans For Life. “And we will be working to pass a constitutional amendment to make sure we can still pass pro life laws.”

Julie Burkhart with the Trust Women Foundation calls the Kansas Supreme Court ruling a big win for reproductive rights.

“Today was a long-awaited day and we have been waiting for months for the Supreme Court to hand down their opinion,” said Burkhart. “I can safely say that we are elated.”

With Kansans For Life planning to lobby lawmakers for a constitutional amendment, KSN reached out to lawmakers. We asked if lawmakers could consider a constitutional change this year.

“Highly controversial. But the bottom line is if you can get 27 (votes) in the Senate which is two-thirds. And 84 votes in the in House which is two-thirds, it would then go on the ballot.”

KSN also reached out to Republican Senate President Susan Wagle, who sent a statement.

“Today, the liberal, activist Supreme Court showed just how out of touch they are with Kansas values,” said Wagle. “Their refusal to acknowledge that life in the womb, ordained by our creator and recognized by our medical community, as a separate life and should be protected by our laws.”

Wilkinson says a public vote is the goal.

“We have a statewide network of activists. Pro-lifers,” said Wilkinson. “They will help us to get the word out across the state.”

Burkhart says the courts have spoken. But she also expects more legal challenges and lobbying on both sides of the abortion issue.

“We will look at statutes to see where this goes,” said Burkhart. “Our goal as an organization is to help to bring access to people in under-served communities. And so any way that we can work to increase access that’s our goal as an organization.”