WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – One year ago, shots rang out outside an Old Town nightclub, killing one and leaving half a dozen others hurt. In the days after many called on police and club owners to increase security.

Staff at a nightclub in the area shared they have added metal detectors and safety is a top priority but for one survivor of the shooting she said the fear still lingers.

“I am way more aware of my surrounding I am way more you know I get that anxiety feeling but for the most part it has just made me get to the part where I know I needed to be back where it was before it happened,” said Essence Johnson.

After she was shot multiple times at Enigma Nightclub, Johnson is walking and dancing again, but the impact of that day remains.

“I think that they are trying make measures and do things here and there to make it seem a little bit more safer which is still appreciated but you can’t control what others do which is sad,” said Johnson.

Since the shooting one year ago, Jason Gregory, the executive vice president at Downtown Wichita, said downtown is a safer place to visit.

“It is something that your are constantly working to improve some of those unfortunate things are out of some peoples control its really really unfortunate when those things happen,” said Gregory.

Gregory said there are efforts to better lighting in Old Town and more security cameras. He said clubs added safety and security features.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Wichita Police Department said, “The WPD has allocated and will continue to allocate resources to the Old Town area – including uniformed officers, state-of-the-art camera systems, and enforcement of applicable ordinances.”

“The places that I do go downtown, they are so good about making sure I feel safe when I am in there,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she is grateful for all the love and support from her family and friends and even people she met following the shooting. She said her support system helped her recover to where she is today.