WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW)–The Reno County community came together on Saturday to pour in more support for the Jones family.

The Nickerson family was hit by a car in Kentucky recently, and people from the county and surrounding areas hoped to raise money for Ava and her mom, Amy, who will come home soon.

The fiest Field Night fundraiser was last year to support Hutch High School Coach Clayton Evans. This year, the fundraiser found a new cause, supporting a family some, including the organizers, have never met.

“We just love to know that no matter what, our community will come together to support each other,” Field Night co-organizer Liliana Wilson said.

The heat was in full force on Saturday, but that didn’t keep people from across Reno County from showing their support for the Jones family.

“It’s a Nickerson school,” Field Night co-organizer Dalton Estes said. “We’re from Hutch High. Typically that’s going to be rivals if you want to say so. That’s not even in our mind when creating this event.”

Organizers and participants said rallying around this family is most important.

“Our kids have all grown up together,” Catie Biehler said. “We just wanted to make sure and come out and show our support and be a part of something that’s helping them and show them that people back home are paying attention and care and want to help.”

A $10 donation allowed supporters to participate in a 5K race. There was also a dunk tank and a corn hole tournament. People dug deep in their pockets to make sure the Jones family was supported during this difficult time. A raffle table was full of prizes people hoped to take home with them Saturday, but this community hopes the family knows how much they mean to them even more.

“I have seen community come out in so many ways–not just here but everywhere,” Peggy Ruebke, mayor of Nickerson, said. “The fact that Hutch is helping do this–it just says a lot.”

Ava’s been in constant communication with her friends back home, and she’s let them know she appreciates the support.

“She told me that we were all silly for coming down and doing this, but I know it’s a great cause,” Alexis Allen, Ava Jones’ friend, said. “When she gets home, she’ll see how much people really do care about her and her family.”

Field Night organizers did not have a goal for how much money they hoped to raise. They’re just happy to support the Jones family. All money raised will go directly to the family.