WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita police are responding to a ‘building collapse’ call in the 3100 block of S. Clifton Monday evening. The call came in around 8 p.m.

Sedgwick County Dispatch confirmed that a bed-ridden woman was removed from the home. A gas leak resulted in the evacuation of nearby houses.

Takira Bell, whose family lives in the collapsed home, said her nephews shared that they heard a creak and the power completely cut out and the house just collapsed from under them.

“My dad managed to get them out and got them next door, and then, the firetruck showed up and they managed to get my mom out of the house, so everyone was alright,” Bell said.

Bell said her mother is currently in hospice care, and that her bed may have possibly helped keep her sturdy at the time of the collapse.

Tanner Black, who lives nearby, said people heard a cracking noise and the house started to tip over, hit the gas line, and busted it.

“So afterward you know everyone kind of rushed out after that and the gas got really bad and started stinking really bad,” he said. “As soon as the firefighters came out about five, six minutes later, they told us we needed to back out to the street because it got that bad.”

Fire officials said the house effectively slid off its foundation when at least two people were inside.

Terry Gresham with the Wichita Fire Department said when crews got to the scene, they saw the house was laying on its side.

“What ended up happening is it slid off its foundation, and as it slid off its foundation, ended up breaking the gas meter line going into the house,” Gresham said.

Firefighters said they ended up evacuating five homes in the neighborhood and removed people away from the vicinity of where the gas smell was the heaviest.

Gresham said no injuries were reported. The bed-ridden woman who was under hospice care managed to be safely removed from the home. Gresham said she was being checked and evaluated by EMS.