WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Wichita Public Library is hosting an amnesty week from Monday, Sept. 26, through Sunday, Oct. 2., to allow customers to return long overdue materials and have processing and replacement fees eliminated.

The Wichita Public Library says this is an effort to reintroduce lapsed customers to the library and get lost materials back into circulation.

During this week, library customers with long overdue materials, or materials not returned in months or even years, can visit any of the seven Wichita Public Library locations and return the material(s) at the front desk with no questions asked, no matter the condition.

“This is an opportunity to reclaim materials but also eliminate customer barriers to using the library,” said
Jaime Prothro, the director of Wichita Public Libraries. “Some customers haven’t returned to the library because of embarrassment having overdue materials, and we want to show them all the library can offer.”

For more information on amnesty week, click here.