WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — As the winter weather continues to make its way through the state of Kansas, a local group in Wichita is doing something to help students who may need extra protection from the cold.

The Downtown Rotary Club made stops at several schools in the Wichita area on Thursday, passing out coats, gloves, and hats to students. The winter clothing was made possible by donations and will go to Title One schools in Wichita.

Nicki Vossman, the principal at Kelly Elementary, said that oftentimes cost is a factor when getting children prepared for the winter.

“We have a lot of students with great families, but sometimes some of those items can be costly,” Vossman said. “And especially with the cold weather we’re having right now, it’s a blessing for them and for our kids.”

Doug Stark, a member of the rotary club, says that they saw a need and wanted to do something to fix it.

“They can’t buy the kids’ coats, and they seem ’em coming into school, you know just (shivering),” Stark said. “And it just, it needs to be different. And we’re trying to do that.”

The rotary club bought $10,000 worth of coats and other winter items, and they will be given to schools to go into their emergency closets, where they will get passed out to students.