WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Safe Streets Wichita, a nonprofit group that works to help those struggling with opioid addiction, went out to different parts of Wichita to share how you can help make a change in the opioid epidemic.

The group placed door hangers hung around the city — specifically in hot spots for drug overdoses — in an effort to educate people on the signs of overdosing, how Narcan can save lives, and misconceptions about the medication.

“We just have to work together, especially for people who have lived experiences in this,” Ngoc Vuong, a Safe Streets volunteer, said. “Like hey, whether you are using drugs yourself, whether you are in recovery, whether you have friends or family that have substance use issues or whether they have OD’d, We want to make sure that there is a place and space for people to take action on the opioid epidemic here in Wichita.”

Volunteers also packed free Narcan kits. They plan to hand those out in a few weeks.