WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Election workers in Sedgwick County were busy recounting the votes on the “Value Them Both” abortion amendment on Wednesday.

The county is one of nine in the state that must hand count each vote. Votes are being recounted in Douglas, Johnson, Shawnee, Crawford, Harvey, Jefferson, Lyon and Thomas counties. Abortion opponents lost all of those counties except Thomas.

Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Angela Caudillo said that workers had completed 25 election sites.

“Just as a reminder, we have 81 election day sites and then 14 early voting sites, and then beyond that, we also have boxes for the advance by mail and some provisionals as well,” Caudillo said.

The counties have until Saturday to get the recount done. Some smaller counties have already finished.

The recount was requested by Melissa Leavitt of Colby, and longtime anti-abortion activist, Mark Gietzen of Wichita. Leavitt and Gietzen provided credit cards to pay for the nearly $120,000 cost, according to the secretary of state’s office

A larger than expected turnout of voters on Aug. 2 rejected a ballot measure that would have removed protections for abortion rights from the Kansas Constitution and given the Legislature the right to further restrict abortion or ban it. It failed by 18 percentage points or 165,000 votes statewide.