SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – The Sedgwick County Election Commissioner said some of her employees are working up to 200 hours a pay period. She wants more employees.

The Sedgwick County 2023 budget has been finalized without this request from Election Commissioner Angela Caudillo being approved, but she said they are open to a future compromise.

“I have staff that couldn’t take two hours to go to a father’s 80th birthday party on a Sunday. So just know when you look at these numbers these are human beings. These are real people, and we need additional staff,” said Caudillo.

An emotional plea from Caudillo called for more help, and extra funding as the 2023 budget was approved.

“The needs of the daily work the increased voter registration, all of the daily tasks that we have. We’re working very, very hard to get those accomplished, and it takes all of our time to do that and not be able to address the bigger picture things that we need to address,” said Caudillo.

Bigger picture things Caudillo said like more training adding poll sites and more public outreach. The chairman of the Sedgwick County Commission David Dennis said they don’t have enough details to agree to her request.

“She needs to show us how she needs the full time people or could she – well first of all she hasn’t even filled all of her positions she has got now,” said Dennis.

Dennis said he would be open to adding more part-time roles.

“Could we hire someone and they work in another department expect when it comes to the ‘boom time’ and then they move over and work in the elections office,” said Dennis.

Caudillo said they have been too busy working to fill the one current full-time position and other part-time rolls that are available.