WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Two weeks later and the Wichita community continues to wrap their arms around a Wichita woman critically injured in a fatal downtown crash.

Jenny Wood was recently moved out of ICU. She was in the car where both her mother and niece were killed.

Music plays a big role in Jenny’s life. She’s a well-known local musician, so what better way to bring people together, who care about her.

Music lifted neighbors off their feet in Riverside Park for a Sunflower Session. But this one, was for a special person.

“Jenny’s a beacon, for that whether she knows it or not, she is such a beacon and such a giving, loving spirit,” said Caroline Baldwin, Wichita.

“She’s an artist that is amazingly creative and has a way to really convey what is in her heart into her music in a really great way,” said John Probst, Wichita.

The concert was put on to raise money for the Jenny Wood Care and Support Fund. Wood was hospitalized after a crash that also killed her mother and niece. 

Friends say she is doing better everyday, and her music continues to inspire people, like the day’s youngest artist, Maddy Mullin. The 11 year old says she performed alongside Jenny and understands the power of song.

“I feel motivated to motivate other people and just give back to the community like she does,” said Maddy Mullin, ICT Rock Girl.

Dozens of neighbors stayed for the show that featured various artists. An organizer says the turnout shows Jenny’s reach.

“I think the Wichita community has shown that we’re all here to support her and her family in any way that we can,” said James Fleming, Sunflower Sessions founder.

And people want Jenny to know, it will continue.

“I hope as she recovers. She just knows that she has the whole city’s love behind her,” said 
Meghan Beyer, Wichita.

They raised about $28,000 dollars so far, and their goal is to reach $50,000. To donate, visit Jenny Wood Care and Support Fund on Facebook.