WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It is a comeback long awaited.

Wichita musician Jenny Wood held her first concert four months after a crash nearly took her life.

Back on May 5, a car Wood was riding in was hit in downtown Wichita.

The crash killed her mother and niece and critically injured Wood.

After months of rehab and therapy, Wood is back doing what she loves performing.

For Wood music has been a way of healing.

Wednesday, the community gathered at Botanica to see her Wood’s first performance since her accident.

“It felt like something I had to do even as I was healing,” said Wood.

“Through her recovery, I knew the day would come,” said Michael Peltzer, Wood’s bandmate.

After months of not knowing if she would ever perform again, Wood is finally back on stage.

“This is something that’s inherently in your blood in your raw truth,” said Wood. “It has to happen from you.”

The special moment is something she shares with the people who she says made her recovery possible.

“She looks beautiful. She looks happy on stage and it makes me feel good to see that at least for one night she can get peace and happiness,” said Chris Hagman, a neighbor and supporter of Wood.

“To know Jenny is to love her,” said Ann Garvey, a supporter of Wood. “And, to love her music, I’ve loved every performance I’ve ever seen.”

And, Wednesday was no exception.

On her very first song, Wood brought some young fans on stage.

It was an unforgettable moment for the people Wood has touched through her music.

“She just inspires me so much with all of her heart, and her story is so amazing,” said Maya Mikity, who sang on stage with Wood at the benefit.

“That exquisite expression, you cant stop her,” said Garvey of her friend.

“Thank you for this life. Thank you for being here. Thank you,” Wood said after one of her songs Wednesday evening.

Included in the songs of the night was the one Wood performed at her mother’s funeral.

She tells me she felt her family’s presence through her music.