NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – Newton school district says it has a skunk problem.

It’s at the USD 373 track and football field area just north of the high school.

“So our track has been open, and people use it a lot in the community,” said USD 373 Communications Director Carly Stavola. “But we need people to avoid the track area for now.”

Enter Cody Abney, master tracker and trapper in central Kansas.

“I’m confident I’m going to be able to get all of them,” said Abney. “And I’ve seen a bit of everything. We have everything here. Coyotes, bobcats, badgers, skunks and a lot of beavers.”

It’s the skunks that are causing the stink, and that’s why the school brought in the expertise of Abney.

“So that’s why it was important for us to get the word out. Not to raise a stink. Not to be funny. But to let people know not to use the track because we don’t want to have any injuries or problems,” said Stavola.

Abney says skunks like to be low, especially this time of year. He says it makes sense that skunks in the area may decide to nest in low areas.

The high school maintenance staff uncovered the skunks, and they have not been extraordinarily active.

The school doesn’t want to take chances with the public that loves to come out and enjoy exercising on the track.

“So that’s kind of why we are casting a wide net letting people know, ‘Hey, let’s avoid this space for a little bit,'” said Stavola.