NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) — The skunk traps are working in Newton. About 10 days after Newton Schools closed the high school track because of skunks, the track reopened.

Many people in the community use the track, but the school district warned them to stay away because of a lot of skunks, especially under the high jump mats. One skunk charged at a person using the track.

Cody Abney, a master tracker and trapper, got to work on the problem.

On Wednesday, the district announced on Facebook that five of the 11 skunks have been caught.

“We also feel confident we know where they are living, and we are currently taking measures to get them out,” the post said.

Newton Schools reopened the track and the football field. If someone notices a skunk in the area, keep a safe distance from it and notify school officials immediately.