WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A young Chiefs fan has a passion for collecting trading cards, and now he is showing his hand to those in need. 

11-year-old Parker Frederking started collecting trading cards two years ago. 

“He had surgery about two years ago for an emergency appendectomy and a bunch of people bought him a bunch of cards and that was when he really started to get into it,” said father Garrett Frederking. “He was like I want to collect more Chiefs and we started grabbing Chiefs cards.”

Parker owns more than 2,000 trading cards, the biggest collection is that of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

“I have at least 200 Patrick Mahomes cards, and like 50 Harrison Butker,” said Parker Frederking. 

“I would say Chiefs is probably over a good 500 cards or so,” said Garrett Frederking. 

Garrett said the cards go for a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars, but he said Parker is turning it into more than a financial investment. 

“He realizes there are some kids out there that just don’t have a lot, so over the course of him donating cards shipping them out — we’ve also set aside some and been like hey we’re gonna take this small box and we’re gonna go donate it,” said Garrett. 

Parker recently became a big brother through foster care and that’s when he knew he could help stack the deck for other kids through his passion. 

“I know other people don’t have very much,” said Parker. “It just makes me feel really happy and helpful and grateful for what people have done for me, from what I’ve been doing for them.”

Parker has been receiving donations from other card traders. In the last nine months, he has handed out 10,000 cards to kids. Garrett said he and other card traders have placed bets on games and donated in Parker’s name to hospitals. 

Parker said it gives kids a hobby, it is a way to give back, and it can also become something valuable for those who receive it. The big game is adding pressure as well. Parker hopes his and other kids’ personal collection go up in value. 

“My hope for the Super Bowl is Kansas City absolutely kicks Tampa Bay’s butt off,” said Parker.