WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Scott Fulton says, in his experience, check your insurance rates for next year.

“My advice shop around, yeah,” said Fulton. “But you’d better be prepared because it’s coming.”

His insurance company raised his homeowner insurance rates $700 for next year.

“I’m concerned about homeowners putting their insurance into mortgage payments,” said Fulton. “A lot of people live on each paycheck.”

Insurance agents say some homeowner rates could go down depending on credit or other factors, but some independent agents say rates will increase.

“The cost of building materials is going up, and the cost to replace homes is going up,” said Cy Wiggans with Wiggans Farha insurance group. “So you insure homes based on the value to rebuild. Coverage can go up … some coverages could go down, so that can happen too.”

Wiggans says check your rates closely. He also says it’s good advice to shop around, maybe three or more times a year, to see what rates are doing.

“Generally, you’re going to see rate increases going up over the next 12 months in the average of two to 12% generally in homeowners, auto, etc.,” said Wiggans.

Realtors say home prices are not cooling, so prices to rebuild will stay strong.

“We are still seeing people from the east and west coast coming here for better home value. That’s still happening,” said realtor Lindsey Jarvis with Keller-Williams Hometown Partners. “The price that we’re seeing is probably about 10% higher than it was 12-18 months ago. But we aren’t seeing as many offers going up and above with multiple offers situations. We’re not seeing that as much as we were about a year ago.”

Jarvis says while multiple offers on homes have cooled, prices have not.

Wiggans says that means insurance rates could go up.

“Multiple factors come into play with your rates on your home,” said Wiggans. “Just do not be afraid to shop around. That never hurts.”

Fulton, meanwhile, has a warning. Check your rates, especially if you have your insurance rolled into your home mortgage.

“People just need to be aware,” said Fulton. “I was stunned to see ours go up so much.”