Westar Energy is replacing street lights throughout the Wichita metro area with new, energy efficient LEDs. The new lights will improve public safety and improve visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

“We are thrilled to support Westar in this innovative shift toward LED technology. This extends the life of our lights and saves money, reduces crime and improves visibility for our streets,” Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell said.

Thousands of lights will be upgraded to new LED street lights, bringing benefits that include:

  • Better visibility, which creates a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and makes colors easier to identify at night, aiding law enforcement.
  • Lower energy consumption, because LEDs are more energy efficient.
  • Better reliability as LEDs last longer and require less maintenance than older lights.
  • Fewer light poles because LED lights can shine across all lanes of a roadway.

“Westar Energy appreciates the city’s partnership as we upgrade street lights to improve safety and efficiency,” said Jeff Beasley, Westar Energy, vice president of customer care.

Upgrades near Intrust Bank Arena were completed in time for the NCAA tournament. Upgrades for the full Wichita metro area are under way. Crews will work first within the city of Wichita by quadrant, beginning with the northeast, then southeast, southwest and northwest areas. Work will then proceed to surrounding communities. The project is expected to take four to six months.

During the replacement project, Westar will suspend its streetlight maintenance program to enable crews to focus on installing new lights. Lights deemed critical to public safety will be repaired.

“We will have teams focused exclusively on the street light upgrade to complete the project quickly. We appreciate the partnership of our local communities and the patience of our