WICHITA/HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) — As of Tuesday, Best Value Services, LLC, is no longer picking up trash for thousands of Wichita and Haysville residents. The question now is: will former customers get their money back?

Back in August, KSN News spoke with several Best Value Service customers whose trash had not been picked up in weeks.

At last count a few weeks ago, roughly 3,000 customers used the now-defunct company. While hundreds have since switched services, hundreds are still waiting on any word of a refund. For several more, their problems as a result of trash pickup failures are far from over.

For former customer Ashley Doyle, her house is suffering from a fly infestation as a result of weeks of storing trash in her garage.

“Fly traps in the basement, fly traps in the kitchen. I can’t even really eat my food without flies in my face…it’s embarrassing,” Doyle said.

Although Doyle switched services last month, she says she has yet to hear from Best Value Services regarding a refund despite making several phone calls.

“They owe us about $150 — about six months’ worth,” Doyle said.

This comes as Air Capital Waste owner Mark Raccuglia says his company is currently helping nearly 800 former Best Value customers.

“We’re working with them as far as giving them a credit for an amount that they have prepaid to Best Value,” Raccuglia said.

For former Best Value Service customers who choose a service other than Air Capital Waste, Raccuglia recommends talking to your new service directly to see if any amount prepaid to Best Value can be credited.

“We have a list that was current as of about three weeks ago, so anyone who was a customer at that time, we’ve got their name and address, and we’ll send them information,” Raccuglia said.

Raccuglia says Best Value Services will continue to pick up trash for its commercial customers for the next 60 days.

KSN News has reached out directly to the owner of Best Value Services. We have yet to hear a response.