WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — As of Tuesday, Dec. 27, some Wichitans at Brentwood Apartments had been without power for over a week.

As of 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 30, the power has been restored.

One tenant, who asked not to be identified, said they felt homeless because they couldn’t stay in their apartment. They wanted to see something done about the issue.

“Imagine you go to work, and you come home, and you have no power,” said Katrina Woods, who knows multiple people living at Brentwood Apartments who were dealing with no power.

One tenant said some were staying in a hotel, and others were staying at home, but they had been unable to get in touch with the apartment complex.

“They are still expecting us to pay rent at a place that is inhabitable right now,” said one resident who was without power at Brentwood Apartments.

“On Dec. 19, a fire inside the electrical room at Brentwood Apartments on 6602 E Harry St in Wichita damaged equipment that serves as the connection point between the apartment’s electrical system and Evergy. It is the responsibility of the complex to repair and have their equipment inspected before Evergy can safely restore electrical service to the meters for those apartments,” said Andrew Baker, Evergy senior communications manager.

This left eight units without power.

“I was talking to one on the phone, and she said she is well over 65. That’s not right,” said Woods.

“This is no condition for anybody to be living in, especially in this type of weather,” said one resident without power at Brentwood Apartments.

KSN News called Brentwood Apartments, and when asked about the situation, the woman told us the complex had no comment.

“The office is not open for them to go there, and that is normal for that building. The office is never open,” said Woods.

KSN News contacted the Wichita mayor to see what could be done.

“Sadly, at the city level, we don’t have a legal mechanism to follow to enforce the state laws, which are the tenant laws and landlord laws,” said Mayor Brandon Whipple.

Tenants said they just wanted the power back on.

“Treat humans like humans,” said Woods.