WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Some residents living near West Carlyle Street in south Wichita saw the aftermath of Saturday night’s officer-involved shooting.

Saturday night Wichita police officers went to a home to check the welfare of a woman after her teen daughter called 911 concerned for her mother’s safety. The deputy chief says officers searched the property and found 28-year-old Tyler Hodge armed with an assault rifle inside a shed.

The deputy chief says Hodge fired 18 times at them with bullets piercing a patrol car and three nearby houses.

One of those bullets made its way through the window at Cesar Portillo’s home. Portillo and his family were gone when it happened to celebrate Father’s Day early. Usually, his home is filled with people including some children.

“Thank God, they weren’t here,” said Cesar Portillo.

His home is directly across the street from the shed where the suspect was found.

“When the man supposedly opened the door, he saw police and ran,” Portillos said. “Got caught with other police here. They fired shots and a bullet hit my house.”

A bullet broke through his window, right above his couch where his family usually sits. The bullet hit his TV, broke past it and through the wall and into the kitchen, shattering dishes.

While Portillo wasn’t home, other neighbors heard the action.

“You know those big packets of fireworks you get, and you string them out, and you start that one, and it just ch-ch-ch-ch that’s what it kind of reminded me of,” said Rosa Willis.

“I heard a pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and then about every cop in the city showed up and other cities and SWAT trucks,” said Levi Draher.

Some residents still stunned.

“It was a shock believe me. It was shock never dreamed something like this would happen,” said Ron Fuller.

Portillo also came home to a broken door. Police pushed through it to collect evidence and make sure no one was hit. He is working on figuring out repairs.