BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Severe weather is expected to roll through portions of Kansas and that has many local farmers busy with harvesting.

“We’re really hustling to get that wheat out before we get some weather,” said Gordon Stands, Butler County farmer.

It was all hands on deck Thursday at Stands Farms in El Dorado, as they rush to finish their wheat harvest before severe weather strikes.

“If we were to get a big hail storm or something, it would look like a lawnmower went out here and mowed this wheat,” Stands said. “Have that potential of losing a lot of grain on the ground, and once it’s on the ground, it’s unrecoverable.”

“It’s all your profits laying on the ground, and hopefully, you’ve got insurance of some sort,” said Jeff Varner, co-owner of Varner Farms Inc.

Varner was busy Thursday doing the same thing, harvesting the majority portion of his fields. However, he said severe weather could pose a threat to other crops.

“Corn now is just getting ready. If it hasn’t, it just right at tasseling and so it depends on the leaves to drawl in sunlight to make the ears grow on it,” Varner explained.

“If we don’t have, the leaf area gets stripped because of the hail or something, or the wind blows it down, we lose the corn crop then,” he added.

It’s not just a race against the rain, but other farmers across the region too.

“We want to get that grain to town and sold and marketed, while it’s a good price,” Stands said. “The longer it sits in this field, the further you know other places might not get the weather, and so the markets may get filled up with good wheat and not need ours.”