WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Many parents are forced to decide: Go to work or watch their children as child care costs go up, that’s if there are even available spots?

The nonprofit Child Start helps parents find affordable and high-quality child care that fits their needs.

Over the past five years, open slots for kids have gone down as the need for child care stays steady, according to Child Start.

“It’s just kind of been hard to find something that fits that budget and something that I am comfortable with, too,” said new parent Moniqua Markham.

Markham just had a 2-month-old baby boy. She works at Child Start, and they are allowing her to work mostly remotely while she looks for care for her son.

But not all employers can provide that accommodation.

“People want a safe, secure environment. They want somewhere they can drop off their kids and be trusted,” said Edna Lopez, Kreative Kids Faith Academy teacher assistant.

To find that high-quality care can be pricey.

In Sedgwick County, it can cost anywhere from $300 to $900 a month depending on full-time or part-time care and the age of your child, according to ChildCare Aware of Kansas.

Kreative Kids Faith Academy receives a lot of calls to see if spots are open.

“It is hard to know where to send them if all the child care centers are full,” said Kimberly Stringer, Kreative Kids Faith Academy owner.

Kreative Kids Faith Academy is a nonprofit and got a building in February.

Stringer hopes to eventually make all their services free with enough donations.

“The more donations that we can get in to get this building paid off, the quicker they get to go for free,” said Stringer.

Those at Child Start said the child care industry is becoming unsustainable for parents and providers.

“It’s not just in the child care anymore now. It is in the larger labor market,” said Teresa Rupp, Child Start executive director.

“We try to empower employers to support their employees when it comes to child care and utilizes the resources and tools that are available right now that they probably aren’t aware of,” said Tanya Bulluck, Child Start Early Childhood Connections program director.

If parents are unable to find child care, it could lead to their child being put in an unsafe situation with a person who is not qualified or prepared, according to Child Start.

“Which is when we see a rise in cases of child abuse neglect and unfortunately death which we are trying to prevent,” said Bulluck.

There are some solutions. Child Start helps families find financial assistance for child care, housing, food, and more. You can learn more here.