WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A recent video surfaced online showing what police say is a homeless man being harassed and assaulted by a small group of young people.

“A lot of these kids are just doing it for fun,” said Troy Williams, a homeless man. “They throw eggs at you and hit you in the head with rocks and all that crazy stuff.”

For the homeless dwelling on the streets of Wichita, it’s a world many don’t understand or can relate to.

“Other guys have been hit,” said Marc Anthony, another homeless man. “Pushed in the river and left for dead.”

At Humankind Ministries, the organization works to give the homeless community stability and a place to stay at night.

“There might be a lack of understanding of what a homeless person is going through or their particular circumstance or plight in life,” stated HumanKind Ministries President LaTasha St. Arnault. “Quite frankly, I think that it is probably in regards to them being uninformed.”

Catching a bus from Open Door Ministries is routine for some seeking shelter, and for others, an escape from the bitter cold and harsh treatment.

“From what I have heard from the other guys, they get pretty much bum-rushed by a crowd of kids or taken advantage of homeless guys — just pushing them around and taking their stuff,” Anthony added.

“It is rough. It is terrible,” said Williams. “It has even got worse in the last few years.”

Arnault can’t say whether these attacks happen often or not but asks people young and old to be empathetic and sensitive to people who have less.

“These are folks — they’re humans just like you and me and deserve kindness that you would show anyone that you encounter on a daily basis,” Arnault said.

KSN spoke with the man who said he was the person apparently attacked in the circulating video but refrained from commenting on-camera at this time.