WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – With the current heatwave, a lot of people are trying to keep it cool. And your car can really become a hotspot given the rising temps.

Bob Shafer, Just Right Auto Repair owner, said there are a couple of tips to get your car cooled down quicker. “What essentially does not work is to get in there and immediately expect cold air,” said Shafer. 

So, what do you do to try and cool down your hot car?

“I put the windows down to let the hot air out. And then I turn the AC on to get cold air coming in and then try and balance that out and once I get on the road, I roll the windows up,” said Craig Brownlee, Wichita resident. 

That’s what Shafer said is the right way to cool your car down faster. “If your car’s been sitting with 200-degree heat in there from the sun and being enclosed, it’d be appropriate, lower than Windows, to let some air out,” said Shafer. 

Shafer said to make sure to put it on max A/C, so the air can cycle through. 

Some car experts said cracking the windows while you’re away from your car will only cool it off a few degrees and not make much of a difference, but Shafer said it’s a good idea because Kansas is known for its wind.  “It flows through there and will push the heat out,” said Shafer. 

Thinking ahead by parking in shaded areas, putting up visors, and routine filter checkups will help you fight some of the hottest weeks in Kansas. 

Shafer said if your car doesn’t get cool within a few minutes, it may be time to take it in to get it checked out. He also said to not expect a lot of cold air when you’re idling. Get on the road, as it brings air through the condenser, bringing you that cool air quicker.